Invisible Bullying, Visible Scars

Invisible Bullying, Visible Scars

Invisible bullying cannot be ignored because it makes the same visible scars visible bullying does.

Invisible bullying consist of harmful destructive behaviours very difficult to recognise, almost spreading underneath the surface.

The eradication of invisible bullying begins with the exact understanding of what bullying is.

Bullying is the absence of human compassion and respect. Bullying is the denial of human dignity.

Bullying is the representation of evil.

The environment, the context, the frame may be different, but the dynamic is the same and all the possible roles are the same.

And in the middle there’s inhumanity.

Inhumanity is the sum of every single act of bullying. Inhumanity is the dark side of society, the exaltation of hate, the essence of anti-social behaviors.

Inhumanity is the way to put the most vulnerable apart and aside.

So, the culprit of invisible bullying is not just a person. It is the lack of love and empathy that dehumanize the person and lead to violence.

No violence should be tolerated or accepted.

Nobody can be obliged to remain invisible. No violence should make someone invisible.

Bullying may be invisble, but its scars are always visible.

Bullying has a total destructive potential; everyone who has had to do with bullying knows it perfectly.

The worst of bullying consists of its permanent effects.

The stigma of bullying lasts forever.


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