One Voice To Stop Bullying

One Voice To Stop Bullying

Bullying has become a dramatic rising topic almost in every newspaper.

Recent articles taken from several newspapers are still reporting the sad stories of young people whose life was menaced, broken and cancelled by bullying.

Every story is different from others but all of them are similar to one another.

Indeed, there are similar traits in every story: a victim, a bully and violence hype.

The Calvary is always the same.

There is always power imbalance between victims and bullies and violence begins in a sneaky way.

The victim is not accepted, then refused and at last persecuted. The initial words or acts of refusal becomes bad gestures, heavy menaces, harmful behaviours, until death threats.

A conspiracy to convince or force the victimis to commit suicide.

The violence escalation becomes more and more untolerable and unbearable as the weaker the victim becomes until bullying kills.

At the beginning violence seems to have uncertain and obscure boundaries but, by the time, it get wider, heavier and brutal.

Violence that begins as a simple joke suddenly turns into persecution.

It’s exactly that reinforcement of reciprocity the mechanism by which violence becomes broader and broader, heavier and heavier.

And in the middle there is always silence. Silence covers or masks shame and shame begets silence.

Thus, in such perverse cycle, the end is quite easy to predict.

The more the victim is let alone, the stronger the bully’s attack.

In that moment, nobody knew nothing. Neither those who were responsible to control, monitor and supervise the kids nor those who were always used to be with them.

Nobody saw nothing. And nobody did nothing.

Why din’t anybody stopped it? How was it possible to reach that point? Where should it have been stopped?

The systematic underestimation from parents and teachers is among the root causes of victim’s isolation and victimization.

For that reason, schools and families must build a precious alliance to take power out of bullying.

But they have to face silence and win over it. It is quite easier for youngsters to chat or refer to a peer about their private life than to speak out about bullying with an adult.

For that reason, bullying is an educative emergency and a matter of responsibility.

Bullying is a social issue, but also an ethical and cultural priority …


Until everyone is within the boundaries of their silent individualities, any attempt to take the power out of bullying is worthless.

In order to begin we must start by educating the youth:

  1. to overcome shame
  2. to stand up and break silence
  3. to report bullying.

Nobody should stay alone, hit and hurt by the stigma of bullying. Bullying attacks one person but it can be fought by many committed to endure.

To remove bullying our society needs everyone’s voice, strengths and responsibility.

We must give our voice to stand up to bullying.

Because the world needs one voice to stop bullying.

Together we must succeed. Together we will succeed. (Richard Riordan)


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