Take Power Out of Bullying

Take Power Out of Bullying

Bullying makes you experience the struggle very early, in childhood and that is unacceptable.

Everyone who is bullied has had their struggles you may ignore.

Bullying is unacceptable when you are a teen or a tween because it makes you perceive all your weaknesses and your vulnerability in an age when you are totally unaware of it.

Bullying makes you feel menaced, depowered and alone, but what is worst, unaccepted and victimized.

The perceived diversity from the others and the lack of acceptance from the group make you experience a sense of inferiority towards your peers.

Reiterate bullying attacks delete your identity, while they hit your innocence and destroy your self-esteem.

And finally bullying makes you think you’re fearful and worthless, even lifeless while still living.

You convince yourself that you are a dead body, completely surrounded by those who caused that very death, both the bystanders and the bullies.

Without any help, advise or counseling, bullying seems to be the hardest punishment you may deserve.

But victims of bullying are never alone when they speak about their experience with other people, so that even the worst situation can upturn and be extremely relevant and memorable in the path everyone is walking down to become stronger.

Life of bullied people puts them in the middle of the struggle very early.

But if they don’t refuse the struggle and instead embrace it, bullying may unleash an intrinsic transformational power.

Such concept is not immediate to understand,  but it corresponds to the truth.

And as violence, fear and weakness are never permanent, so bullying is never forever.

Its effects are temporally and physically limited, enemies are always numerable.

So, a sad page of a book cannot determine its end.

Suffering and vulnerability may represent a lasting stigma expecially in childhood but they can open up infinite possibilities.

Indeed, the feeling of impotence and inadequacy gives those who experience bullying another superpower, the power to endure, to resist, to fight and go on.

Vulnerability, if accepted, unleashes extra-ordinary power. Vulnerability is the right path to greatness.

Basically, it’s  the same struggle you go through that enables you to go through.

As Freud once wrote,

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”.

Even bullying one day will disappear.

In the struggle you can give up or learn how to not give up. But once you learn how to do it, you resist, you gets wiser, stronger in order to rise like a Phoenix.

Every renaissance is enabled by the acceptance of the weakness; every weakness forges the wings necessary to fly over.

And once one discovers and understands that point, everything else changes.

Power arises from awareness and the belief it inspires is what counts and makes a difference.

Indeed, the ultimate measure of self-worth comes from within.

True satisfaction comes from self-worth and self-worth comes from self-confidence.

Build the latter and you’ll have the former.

Self confidence produces immediate fruits by means of its permanent roots. Never lose self confidence if you want to stay true to yourself.

People who build self-confidence never lose themselves.

Thus, the quicker you boost your self-esteem, the sooner you take power out of bullying.

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