The Need of Multiple Solutions For Eradicating Bullying

The Need of Multiple Solutions For Eradicating Bullying

There is not just one solution for eradicating bullying. So far no single approach has led to bullying eradication.

It’s the synergy of more behaviours, practices and rules that can make a difference.

Bullying happens everywhere, both online and offline.

Thus, all the measures to prevent or contrast it need to address all the possible facets of bullying, and cover all the possible dynamics and events, all the possible triggers and causes, all the potentially risky behaviours.

Moreover, every action needs to involve all the possible actors and spectators that bullying has in order to identify effective ways to prevent or cope with the dangerous effects both in the online life and in the offline one.

Every bullying action aiming at physically or mentally destroying a person, creates some harmful implications in terms of deteriorated health, increased fear, reduced desire to have social relationships, decent life.

Victims of bullying are lost people or anyway people destined to suffer more and more day by day if anybody does nothing to help them and stop violence.

Bullying may have several appearances but despite all the possible differences, the violence is the same.

Whatever the situation, whatever the trigger of violence, whatever the type of bullying, psychological dynamics and consequences are the same and the same the escalation of violence is.

Basically violence begets a progressive victimisation because the victim cannot stand up to bullying and never speaks out or stands up.

And such victimisation becomes unstoppable because all the people stay silent while the victims remain isolated, mute, abandoned by their friends. 

Nobody speaks out, some people minimize, other people justify, and too many cover or hide the truth.

Indeed, it’s always easier hiding the truth than facing the problem.

The inner reason is quite simple. Sometimes people tend to forgive someone instead of condemning because of a dramatic childhood or a tragic personal story.

It’s always simpler to minimize some delinquency actions than to help someone else to skip drowning in the sea of depression.

So, in eradicating bullying it seems that bullying is a singular act of evil and violence – some people are able to distort the truth – and sometimes it seems as if it could be even provoked or induced by the counterpartinstead of a systematic and intentional verbal and physical attack against the targeted person, that remains in an objective physical or psychical state of inferiority or vulnerability.

And such systematic series of attacks builds the infernal cage for the victims that are unable to get out and free up by themselves.

While the others refuse to give them any help in eradicating bullying.

Silence is the worst enemy.

For that reason, no formula exists for eradicating bullying yet.

The time has come for all good men to break such silence.

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