What Does Bullying Mean

What Does Bullying Mean

Bullying means fear, isolation and violence.

When bullying is tolerated, fear reigns above all and violence is the rule.

And the worse the violence, the greater the fear, the stronger the bully.

Basically, teachers are afraid of bullying because of reprisals and menaces from the bully or the bully’s parents and friends.

They know perfectly that every attempt to control, admonish or blame the bully does not hit the bull’s eye.

So, the bully lies, the bully hides, the bully bullies and goes on convincing all the people around him to join those who bully.

That is the mechanism of fear that nurtures isolation and violence.

Thus, those who don’t speak out actually bystand and collude with bullies. But they are afraid the same. They prefer to stay apart and, in some circumstances, dissent but surely they don’t do nothing to protect or save the victim.

Fear begets silence. And silence leads to isolation.

So, the progressive isolation of the victim is the cause and the effect of bullying. And the more the victim is alone, the greater the bully’s satisfaction is.

The greatest victory for those who bully is that bullying remains hidden.

Silence begets bullying.

Silence is the blasting fuse of bullying, not the violence in itself.

Silence means not to have means to stop bullying. Silence means to surrender to bullying.

So, intuitively, we must break silence – every time and everywhere – to stop bullying by raising awareness about such abuse and the risk of staying silent.


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