Workplace Bullying: Dealing with Bully Toxic Bosses

Workplace Bullying: Dealing with Bully Toxic Bosses

Dealing with bully toxic bosses is a situation that everyone may incur.

It’s basically a sympthom of alienation, particularism and indifference.

Alienation, along with the persisting financial crisis and its serious consequences in terms of job insecurity, has increased uncertainty and caused the fall of every positive role model ….

Together with inequality and social unjustice, alienation has also built a shared perception of an ever-greater impoverishment of social capital.

Everyone lives apart from the others, alone, close in a predominant particularism,walking in a solitary landscape, in a defensive individualistic closeness ….

We are living in times of exponentially widespread solitary socialization where there is neither space for solidarity nor space for do-able responsibility to overcome indifference.

And the consequence is that the stronger prevails over the weaker while the majority just bystand.

That happens everywhere, in schools, communities, workplaces, companies and society.

Evil is strictly intertwined with human nature and when it comes from within, there is no space for empathy.

And the opposite of empathy is always bullying, whatever the context. Everyone is vulnerable, anytime, anywhere.

So happens in the workplace.

Workplace bullying is a social plague; it is a complex phenomen ranging from sociology, psychology and psychopathology.

Workplace bullying is also a matter of social justice or better a matter of social unjustice.

The worst aspect of workplace bullying is that it is quite tolerated by many firms because those who bully are always toxic bosses that have a position within the hierarchy because of their network or the influence of their contacts, or powerful protectors.

But toxic bosses contaminate the workplace

Basically they are not self-aware. Toxic bossses play favorites and always blame others.

Toxic bosses lack everything great bosses have

Usually toxic bosses bully because they have less technical and emotional competences than their peers and can count on several friends whose influence and power must be retained vital by the organization itself.

Bully toxic bosses know perfectly that they do not deserve any respect coming from any specific value or knowledge or merit, which they don’t have.

They are always insecure and their insecurity and inadequacy are the roots of bullying they practice.

Basically toxic bosses, as many researches confirm, are mediocre people and usually they are considered so even from those who seem to venerate them and tolerate any act of bullying.

They are good at bullying, discriminating, discarding people, suffocating any autonomous idea, by micromanaging their staff. They often cut open-minded people and stellar employees, and tend to save or reduce human resources costs by forcing people to resign or make them get fired.

They go on devaluing those who have intrinsic value and are determined to use sneaky tactics in order to demolish and stop every person enough able to go ahead in their own career.

Everyone may fall victim anytime, anywhere.

The ways the bully toxic bosses use to bully are always perverse.

Basically they are built on false appraisals, whistlebowling, stalking, sexual harassment, by inducing others to undervalue the victims, or by damaging the integrity of their professional, human and social image, by impacting heavily over their health and self-esteem.

Thus, victims of workplace bullying are depowered people, deprived of every attention, encouragement, compassion, gratitude, recognition, acknowledgment for what they do and can’t do anymore.

They lose completely their dignity. They basically don’t exist anymore within the workplace.

But the truth is that while bully toxic bosses get satisfaction from their evil,  cruelty and devilishness, their hubris will be punished by time.

Indeed, even if horrible bosses serve their shameful mission within the organization, as stated above, nobody really respects them, nobody is convinced of their charisma or their intelligence but conversely all of them think that those horrible bosses lack both of them.

Bully toxic bosses instill various forms of poisonous dependence, awry servilism, blind complacency and, in the most of the cases, they adopt these behaviours as the unique way they have in order to intimidate.

Thus, fear replaces respect and authority.

They want subdued people in their staff with no resistance, no freedom, no autonomy, no autority, no accountability.

On the contrary, when they encounter someone who is able to assert his or her own value and capabilities, they meet the opposite of the average people they use to command over.

And then, the battle starts against these targeted enemies, harmful antagonists of their fragile power.

So, their only aspiration is to reduce them to no-dignity-man walking, with neither professional nor social image, by preventing them from resisting, standing up or asserting their personalities.

That is the perverse evil spiral that flashes within their merciless minds.

But one day someone will walk into their life and prove the evil they caused.

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