Building Self-Confidence

Building Self-Confidence

We were born achievers, but we are condemned to lose enthusiasm.

We need energy to live but a lot of energy is dispersed.

Life sucks, but the pursuit of unnecessary things actually make us worse off.

We always run and the more we run the more we need to rest.

We always dream but dreams make us stay suspended in a limbo where nothing will ever be achieved by anyone.

We always want to be free but we become dependent on everything, slaves of everything, foredoomed to failure in our pursuit of happiness.

We look for happiness from others but others are unreliable.

We are always addicted to buying in order to conquer freedom and satisfaction but real satisfaction and freedom only arise from the awareness of what we are not what we have.

We always want love and to be loved but we also forget the truth that only those who can love truly love and love love.

We always go in search of our dreams but we can’t reach them until we discover that our true worthiness starts and ends with us.

The ultimate measure of self-worth comes from within.

True satisfaction comes from self-worth and self-worth comes from self-confidence.

Build the latter and youl’ll have the first.

Self confidence produces immediate fruits by means of its permanent roots.

But it has to be built everyday, it’s a seamless process.

Never lose self confidence if you want to be yourself.

People who build self-confidence never lose themselves.

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