Why Bullying Makes You Stop Living

Why Bullying Makes You Stop Living

Bullying Kills.

Those who are victims of bullying stop living. Not only those who die tragically by committing suicide because of bullying or those who lose life by being bashed, punched or beaten up.

Other people stop living too. They are those who are forced by fear to not speak, to not react, to hide in a corner, to stay apart from the others.

Those people stop living as well.

Being a social outcast is the result of progressive isolation, marginalization and self-exclusion from any human contact, relationship, group.

Because of bullying a victim becomes a social outcast without any social engagement with anyone else.

Being a social outcast means living in a profound unbearable suffering condition.

And those who are forced to be a social pariah, they really stop living.

Bullying is a persecutory violence.

It’s the repetition of intentionally persisting aggressive behaviors that makes bullying a persecution.

By suffering persisting aggressive menaces, continuous prevarications and violent conducts the victims experience a progressive psychological upset and a lasting sense of stress and fear.

By the time stress and fear make victims feel a profound insecurity for their own safety so that they are forced to change habits and even living styles or conditions.

But extreme consequences are also possible, although never expected.

Victims of bullying don’t know longer live their life.

They stop living their usual, ordinary life made of daily gestures and ordinary normality.

So bullying makes them change places, hobbies, pastime, even look, friends.

Bullying make them change everything until they lose themselves trying to be likeable, to be accepted by others or to cater to others’ desires.

The others matter more than themselves. Victims stay totally subdued under their tormentors’ will.

The acceptance from others becomes progressively the only worth living condition to them, the only reason of well-being so that its negation compromises the very meaning of living.

But rapidly bullying converts a human need into a subtle conformity, dangerous homogenization, and consequently, it also becomes self annihilation, destruction of personality, loss of autonomy until it turns conversely into fear, anxiety, terror.

In such a perverse cycle, the point of no return is when the more the others demand the more the victims give away until they get deprived by any self-determination, autonomy and freedom.

And as their freedom diminishes, the victims perceive a more profound weakness, until they lose any self-esteem.

So victims become more fragile, and fragility becomes a persisting state of mind jointly with a constant sense of fear.

But by that time fragility and fear begin to change the ontological condition of human existence, from within and permanently.

The victim experiences and lives in a continuous state of exasperation and frustration. And the measure of that emotional and psychic state is anxiety.

Fragility and fear damage self-confidence and also safety. They are the antithesis of independence and freedom.

And when something threatens independence and freedom, it also threatens the entire human life.

Bullying threatens human life. It also tramples human rights.

Bullying kills life. And those who bully also kill.

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